Northern rivers fishing update

19 Sep 2017

September started in grim fashion for our fisherman. Settled, high water temps and torpid fish. Over the last 3 to 4 years this state of affairs has lasted until season end. Not this year. With the week commencing 11th Sept came serious water across much of the north and the fish woke up! The Thurso, as always, has quietly gone about its business and some of its 2 rod beats have topped 10 fish per day on more than one occasion and the entire river (24 rods) posted 148 for the week. There was weighed 32lb and 25lb fish (weigh-net and then returned to the river) amongst 24 others for the north Bank (4 rods) of the lower Brora, some Carron beats topped 20 for the week and nearly all rivers whose catchments caught the rain had great fishing. A slight disappointment would be the absence of fresh fish but perhaps not a surprise. What is exciting is that our bigger more southerly East Coast rivers have had a sprinkling of fresh fish. After an almost complete absence for the best part of 3 years any sign of an autumn run is most welcome. Long may it continue.

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