Killing wild salmon- additional report

2 Apr 2015

Dear Friends 

The consultation into killing wild salmon is proving, entirely predictably, to be a highly emotive issue. The consultation is ongoing and the Scottish Government have just launched another, enormous document, on the subject. I copy the mail and link below and would urge all fisherman, owners etc to wade through it and respond by 30th April. 

The SL team. 


Dear all

 Proposed ban on the killing of salmon except under licence

In parallel with the consultation on the above we are seeking views on the accompanying Environmental Report, published today, which sets out the results of the possible environmental effects of the proposed conservation measures to introduce a licensing system for the killing of wild salmon in Scotland.  The Environmental Report and Respondent Information Form as well as details on how to respond to the main consultation are available from our website (link below).  The closing date for both consultations is 30 April 2015

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