Late Spring Availability

27 Mar 2017

SL have been out and about in recent days and there is real warmth in the sun (and a bite in the wind dependent on the day in question!) and there are lots of encouraging stories emanating from our rivers. Some crackers have been brought to book and whilst certain rivers would like to see a few more showing we are at that moment in time when runs should be strengthening across the board so fingers are crossed for future weeks.

It was noticeable at the turn of the year that a number of fisherman were keeping their powder dry until a clearer picture of the years runs was apparent. We are just about there and if you are one of these our clear advice would be to get out while you can. Both fishing and the fish themselves are glorious at this time of year and who knows what the later months will bring so strike while the iron is hot.

We have some great availability in April and May so please get in touch for a cast on the Spey, Deveron (some huge trout also beginning to show on this lovely river), Carron, Brora etc

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