Looking ahead to the 2016 grouse season

11 May 2016

grouse chicks

It is early days but the bitter weather that was a feature of April is now a distant memory. The past week has reminded me of Russia in that the speed in which the shackles of winter have been thrown off has been astonishing and we have gone from bitter snow flurries to shirt sleeves. This has been an enormous comfort to the guardians of the high ground. There was real concern, especially among lower moors, as to the nesting prospects but the current weather will have done much to allay there fears. As always it is likely that there will be winners and losers but there is every chance of a cracking season and we look forward with real optimism. Dorback has gone from strength to strength in recent years and produced consistently excellent sport and there are limited opportunities to shoot days tailored between 60-100 brace, elsewhere there are larger days through the end of August and a range of other attractive options. As always please contact the team with details of your requirement and we will match you to the best options.

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