The Macnab

12 Nov 2013

The Macnab was made famous by the author John Buchan. He told the story of three bored and successful friends who turned to poaching in order to rediscover their zest for life. A delightful book featuring the splendidly named Bandicoots, the Earl of Lamancha, Fish Benjie and others. Poaching no longer has any place in a Macnab and the challenge has distilled into catching a salmon, stalking a stag and shooting a brace of grouse in a single day. The difficulties of achieving a Macnab are legion and lady luck has to be on you side. What is extraordinary is that this year 3 clients of Sporting Lets not only achieved a Macnab but in each case the grouse, salmon and stag were the very first that they had ever caught, shot or stalked. An epic combination of luck, skill, determination and expertise from the estate staff involved. Pictured is happy Macnabber Peter Glenser and estate staff from Amhuinnsuidhe.

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