The sporting year 2014

7 Mar 2014

It is amazing how quickly the time passes although the mild temperatures have, perhaps, given the impression that Spring is here prematurely. I am sure that there will be the odd flurry of snow and ice to remind us all that it is early March and we are in Scotland. Early fishing reports are encouraging and when conditions allow (ie when the rivers remain within their banks) a few fish have been caught. It is, of course, way too early to form any opinions of the strength of the Spring run but it is nice to see the optimism that burns in all fisherman after the winter lay-off. As an aside the largest Scottish fish I have heard of weighed a hefty 28lb which is a cracker of a fish for February. 

We have been visiting estates the length of the country and we have new options for smaller stalking parties at Torrish estate with cottage accommodation and four days on the hill and cottage and fishing on the North Esk which could be really special this Spring. As many of our readers will know the artificial temperature barrier on the lower North Esk has disintegrated and the numbers of fish in the middle river is very encouraging indeed. (It must also be noted that it is very mild this year which will also have encouraged fish to push upstream, as the lower Dee fishers will confirm!) 

Finally many prime weeks have already gone we have some excellent fishing (essentially dead mens shoes) weeks in late July and August. I will be on the river myself for the first time next week so fingers crossed! 

Tight Lines

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