Spring Timeshare Fishing on the Tay

7 Nov 2013

The Tay season has drawn to a close and early indications are that the total catches for the river are well up on both last years catches and the five year average. The river benefited from a great Spring and decent Autumn fishing. The very hot, dry conditions badly affected the upper river and tributaries but while upper beats suffered lower rivers beats enjoyed tremendous fishing. In particular the low river levels and cold water temperatures slowed the Spring fish at Catholes. It is impossible to predict the ebb and fall of salmon runs with any accuracy. The Tay, however, has introduced stringent new conservation measures and they appear to be bearing fruit. If this trend continues then the opportunities below represent fantastic value for money. May is also a wonderful time to be on any river. The pictured fish was caught in May! 

Fishing Available:-

Taymount- All 6 rods, to be sold together, in week 18 (May). £7,500. Taymount/Stobhall had a great spring in 2013.

Ballathie- 2 rods available, to be sold together, in week 18 (May). £4,000. Ballathie/Cargill also had a great spring in 2013. 

For further information about the details of the timeshare fishing please contact James Carnegy-Arbuthnott on 0131 240 2281 or email james.carnegy@ckdgalbraith.co.uk

For fishing enquiries please contact the sporting lets team. 

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