Robert Rattray

7 Oct 2016

Robert Rattray is a qualified Chartered Surveyor, who headed up the Sporting Letting Department of Galbraith from 1993 to his retirement in 2021. As a result, he has an unrivalled knowledge of the Sporting Estates of Scotland.

Robert is now a full time consultant to Ossian Sporting Lets, and assists in all aspects of the business. He current specializes in putting together & hosting bespoke group trips both within the UK and abroad. His recent hosted and guided trips have varied from chasing huge sea-run brown trout in Tierra del Fuego to luxury grouse shooting in Yorkshire.

Prior to joining Sporting Lets, he was involved in test fishing new locations all over the world, including Russia, Tierra del Fuego, and a number of saltwater fly fishing destinations including Belize and Cuba. His last overseas exploratory trip was to the Falklands in early 2020.

Robert has a degree in Estate management from Reading University. He also served in a Highland Regiment for nearly ten years, based in Scotland but with postings all over the world. He is a published author and photographer.

Robert is passionate about his sport, particularly the conservation of Atlantic Salmon. He has served on a number of Salmon Fishery Boards, and is a trustee of the Atlantic Salmon Conservation Trust.

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