Cornhill - Estate Info

Cornhill is a beautiful beat located on the lower river Carron approximately 2 miles from the top of the tide. The beat is let by the week, fishes 2 rods and comprises approximately 1.5 miles of left bank fishing. There is parking at the beats good, but basic, hut and fishers then access the pools on foot. Carron expert Allan Donaldson is the beats’ part time ghillie and is available to show new tenants the pools. The closest village is Ardgay which is on the East Coast of Scotland approximately 1 hours drive North of Inverness.

Cornhill - Sport


Cornhill is a noted spring beat, and the first fish is usually caught in February. The spring run then builds through March, April and May. Grilse and summer salmon run through June and July, and when water temperatures drop away in the autumn, sport can again be excellent. There are twelve named pools including the famous Clump, Whirl, Raven, McGregor, Gledfield, Lairds Cast and Little Falls and Clump and they offer varied fishing at different water heights.

Please note that the Carron is a spate river and requires rain to fish at its best.


Cornhill - Equipment


Rod Size

When the water is up, a 14 or 15ft rod is not out of place on Cornhill. There are places you will need to cast a copper tube 30 yards. As the water drops away small double handers, switch and single handed rods are all employed.


In the spring take floating, intermediate and sinking lines. From late April full floating lines take over although it is always wise to take some sinking polyleaders.  


Spring- Black and yellow, Kylie, Ice Maiden, Monkey, Willie Gunn. Copper tubes, coneheads in a range of sizes and weights.

Summer/Autumn- Stoat, Silver stoat, Cascade, Red Ally, Kylie, Willie Gunn, Collie, small hitch tubes. Sizes 8-12.


Thigh waders. (Chest waders for warmth in the spring)

In the early months plan for cold weather and take appropriate clothing. Thermal underlayers, gloves, etc can make all the difference to the enjoyment of a week. 

From mid-June- Midge repellent/net. 

Cornhill - Accommodation

Cornhill does not offer accommodation, however, there are several self-catering properties in the area.

Cornhill - Location

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