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Premier Sporting- Discretion and precision

We are Scotland’s foremost sporting and unique experience agency with unrivalled access to the great sporting estates of Scotland. Let us tailor your unique trip and unlock Scotland’s sporting secrets and finest private homes for an unforgettable, exhilarating experience. Our dedicated team of 6 sporting professionals have a proud 50 year record. We have an exclusive book of contacts which give us the keys to the very best fishing, shooting and stalking together with the  best (in class) partners in transport, security and logistics. We deliver an unforgettable, seamless journey through the traditions and enduring romance of Scottish fieldsports together with the finest attractions that our great country can offer.


The Experience

Whilst Scotland’s fieldsports are an important part of the our offering they are also only one part of the wider experience that our great country can offer. You are rarely more than 2 hours from an international airport and whereas many of the world’s sporting destinations have few diversions outside of the sport that they offer, Scotland has a wealth of exciting activities to explore.  Let us unlock Scotland’s secrets for you and take you on a culinary tour of our fresh local produce, bring Scotland’s finest retailers to your door, arrange private distillery tours, whale watching, helicopter tours or learn a little of the history of our great country. Whatever it might be, we are on hand to help you every inch of the way.



Fieldsports and the British nobility are inextricably linked and our aristocracy have been at the forefront of much of our country’s rich sporting history. Scotland’s great sporting estates have often been in the same families for centuries and the Castles and Lodges that lie at the heart of these sporting gems remain ducal seats to this day. We are in the very privileged position to be able to offer limited access to a selection of these properties that offer a unique insight into the history and traditions of our aristocracy. Additionally amongst our roster of exclusive properties we have access to opulent castles, remote sporting lodges with satellite bothies, modern hunting lodges that provide the perfect base for your sporting adventure.