Aline Estate, Isle of Lewis - Estate Info

Aline Estate is located on the boundary of Lewis and Harris and covers 8,000 acres of beautiful hills, moors and lochs, including several miles of shoreline of Loch Langavat one of the most prolific salmon fisheries in the Hebrides. The lodge sits within a Scottish National Scenic Area at the head of Loch Seaforth and has spectacular views of the Sea Loch, Seaforth Island and Clisham, the highest mountain in the Outer Hebrides.  Aline is not just an all round sporting estate; it is also a true wilderness experience where golden eagles, peregrines, merlins, sea eagles, snowy owls, puffins, divers, seals, otters, dolphins and whales all may be spotted, sometimes from the Lodge. The beaches of Lewis and Harris are rightly famous and the estate has sea boats that enable tenants to explore, to picnic on Seaforth Island (part of the estate), and to fish.  

Aline Estate, Isle of Lewis - Sport

There are three main systems on the estate.  Loch Langavat is the headwater of the Grimersta system and provides excellent boat and bank fishing for salmon and trout. The Estate also fishes one bank of the Langadale River at the head of the loch which is prolific in spate conditions. The Tiorsdam system consists of river and loch above that enjoys runs of salmon and sea trout from early July. In addition the picturesque Scaladale gets runs of salmon, again from early July.

There is trout fishing on numerous little hill lochs and weather permitting, our sea boats can take up to 8 people fishing for mackerel, pollock, or skate and putting down and pulling up the estate's prawn and crab pots.

Aline has several English pointers and grouse are shot from the beginning in September, snipe from October and woodcock from November . Duck flighting and he occassional goose are also available.



There is beautiful red deer stalking throughout the wild and remote moorland and hills of the estate. The stags begin in July with hinds commencing from the opening of the season at the end of October .

Tenants will be looked aftert by the Gamekeeper who lives on the estate. Lettings are Saturday to Saturday

Aline Estate, Isle of Lewis - Equipment


For salmon and sea trout on the lochs and rivers of Lewis and Harris a 10ft 7 weight is the ideal tool. The same rod can be pressed into service on the brown trout lochs although this is often ‘too much rod’ and a 9 ft 5 weight might be more appropriate.

Dapping can be a deadly technique for sea trout. Some lodges have a supply of dapping rods but if not 17ft telescopic outfits can be cheaply sourced.

If you are planning on fishing in the sea for Pollock/coalfish off the rocks a 9 ft 9 weight is the best tool.


95% of the time a floating line would be the first choice in the western isles. In very high water or windy weather an intermediate might be useful or alternatively a couple of sinking polyleaders.  For sea fishing off the rocks fast sinking shooting heads are almost essential.


Generally people fish a 2 or 3 fly cast on the lochs. The size is largely dictated by the wind. Traditionally the top dropper would be drawn through the surface film with a slightly heavier fly or double on the point anchoring the cast. This is still a deadly technique. The bigger the wave the bigger the fly. Everyone has their favourites but we would recommend the following for the lochs:-

Muddler Minnow (natural, orange, on Harris traditional flies with muddler heads score heavily), zulu, kate maclaren, bibio, grouse and claret, soldier palmer, goats toe, clan chief, silver daddy, black pennel, butcher, green peter in a range of sizes.

River- Shrimp flies- cascade, ally, calvin. Dark flies- willie gunn, stoat, silver stoat, green butt. Teal blue and silver, medicine, Sunray and hitch tubes.

Trout- the smaller sizes of the loch patterns will cover much of the fishing but I would also take Hedgehogs, sedges, grouse and claret, doobry

Sea- Sinuous sandeel’s for Pollock etc, teal and blue for sea trout.


Dapping floss, gink, nylon 6-12 lb’s, midge repellent.


Aline Estate, Isle of Lewis - Accommodation

In 2009, the 18th century lodge was completely refurbished (as were the boathouse, sauna complex, cottages, and byre), with new bedrooms, bathrooms (4 of them en suite), kitchen, gunroom, sunroom, study, snooker room, and dining room. With no road between the lodge and the sea, most rooms enjoy magnificent views down Loch Seaforth to the Isle of Skye. The lodge has 5 double or twin bedrooms and 1 single bedroom and provides comfortable accommodation for 11 (with four more bedrooms available in the nearby cottages).

Lettings are Saturday to Saturday

Aline Estate, Isle of Lewis - Location

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