Dounie - Estate Info

The Estate is located on the Lower Middle Carron in a blissfully peaceful location. Dounie is a much-loved beat, with many anglers returning year after year to enjoy the bird, plant and wildlife together with the excellent spate river fishing. Dounie is located 40 miles North of Inverness in the county of Sutherland. The closest villages, approximately 2 miles away, are Ardgay and Bonar Bridge.

Dounie - Sport

The Carron has a strong spring run and Dounie can fish exceptionally well from late March (in a mild year), and then through April, May and June. Grilse and summer salmon run through the warmer months and September can offer magic sport as falling water temperatures wake the resident population from their slumbers.

Dounie is double banked for two thirds of its length, with one third being single, right bank fishing. There are a total of 22 pools and the open landscape of the upper section contains a number of large pools interspersed with rapids; in the middle section there is a series of slower pools in deep gorges; and in the lower section the riverbanks open out through fields and woods. Two beats are let, each of two rods. Beats are exchanged at lunch time each day. Wading when required is easy, with some staging and platforms to help anglers cover the best lies. The resident ghillie, Jamie Sawyer, will show new anglers the beat, and is available for advice if required.

Please note that Dounie is a spate river and given water the fishing can be first class. In periods of dry weather, however, great stealth is required, and your best chance will be either early or late with days best spent exploring the beaches and golf courses of the North.


Dounie - Equipment

Rod Size

When the water is up, a 14 or 15ft rod is not out of place on Dounie. There are places you will need to cast a copper tube 30 yards. As the water drops away small double handers, switch and single handed rods are all employed.


In the spring take floating, intermediate and sinking lines. From late April full floating lines take over although it is always wise to take some sinking polyleaders. 


Spring- Black and yellow, Kylie, Ice Maiden, Monkey, Willie Gunn. Copper tubes, coneheads in a range of sizes and weights.

Summer/Autumn- Stoat, Silver stoat, Cascade, Red Ally, Kylie, Willie Gunn, Collie, small hitch tubes. Sizes 8-12.


Thigh waders. (Chest waders for warmth in the spring)

In the early months plan for cold weather and take appropriate clothing. Thermal underlayers, gloves, etc can make all the difference to the enjoyment of a spring week. 

From mid June -  Midge repellent/net. 

Dounie - Accommodation

The Bard Cottage is a traditional cottage set just back from the river with lovely views over the adjacent mountains. It is the perfect fishing base for Dounie. The sitting room has an open fire and the property sleeps 4 in two twin bedrooms. It is a very short walk to the river.

 Lettings are Sunday to Sunday.


Dounie - Location

Call our team of sporting professionals direct on +44 (0)7920 724904 or make an enquiry through our contact form.