Golden July Heralds Glorious Twelfth

11 Aug 2013


SCOTLAND is on the brink of an excellent grouse-shooting season thanks to the warm summer, Scotland’s leading sporting agency said today.

The warmest July on record extended the breeding season for grouse on moors across Scotland.

Robert Rattray, partner at Galbraith, which lets grouse shooting on Scotland’s premier moors, said:

“The exceptionally dry and warm weather has extended the breeding season.  This will mean that many grouse moors will actually delay the start of shooting beyond the 12th in order to reap the benefits of grouse stocks which have developed over July.

“This means that moors will be offering excellent grouse shooting and on those starting later it will be enjoyed throughout September and into October. This gives Scotland a fantastic, world class sporting offering over quite a long period. Given the forecast for the season, we are seeing very healthy demand.”


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