Grouse Update

15 Sep 2017

We are well through the season and, as is usual, there have been winners and losers. There was an untimely spate of cancellations that, through necessity, came late in the day and a number of moors had to cancel part or all of their programs. For those that found their stocks patchy there has been a further tightening of programs in the last fortnight. Where there were losers there were also, however, winners. The Lammermuirs has bounced strongly back from what was a disappointing season last year and some excellent shooting has been enjoyed and extra days are being added as I write. Perthshire also neatly sidestepped any early weather and some stupendous results have been achieved. In some cases ground that has not been driven for over twenty years has been providing epic days and records have been broken. Over and above the usual high ground suspects continue to deliver. Do get in touch for late availability.

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