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Taymount is one of the River Tay’s, and Scotland’s, most legendary salmon fishing beats. Over the seasons it has delivered staggering sport from cold January day’s right through to the closing weeks of the season in mid-October. It is subdivided into two beats, Upper and Lower, which Taymount anglers fish on alternate days. Stobhall fishers do the reverse.
Taymount is a highly sought after timeshare. The majority of owners take great pleasure in fishing the weeks that they own. Occasionally, however, circumstances dictate that they cannot take up their fishing. In these instances, the fishing is let. In all circumstances 3 day, or 6 day lets for all 6 rods are preferred and it is only at short notice that single rods are let. 

There are two ghillies and head ghillie Cohn O’Dea is a passionate and highly knowledgeable salmon fisher who directs the weeks fishing. Cohn will gladly advise on the winning tactics in the lead up to any booking. 

The fishings are located on the Lower Middle Tay just upstream of the village of Stanley and downstream of the Ballathie Hotel. 

Taymount Beat - River Tay - Sport

Both Upper and Lower beats have numerous streams and fast glides which offer excellent fly fishing from both boat and bank, together with deeper runs and pools, which are better suited to spinning tactics. There is always a chance of fish on Taymount although a rise in the water level offers the best opportunities of all.

At the bottom of the Lower Beat the Tay narrows down into a rocky gorge, a long pool known as the Major's Cast well noted for producing huge fish for which the Tay was legendary. The river then spills through Campsie Linn, an awesome waterfall, and into the Linn Pool.

The Linn Pool is one of the best spring casts in Scotland and when the water temperature is low and the water high, fishing can be superb. Whilst the quality of Tay spring salmon is unrivalled the largest runs of fish are in the summer and autumn and as the season progresses both lower and upper beats accumulates more and more fish offering glorious sport.

In 2024 Taymount anglers will fish the Upper Beat on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and the lower Beat on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Stobhall do the reverse.

There are two superb ghillies on Taymount and on each beat there are two boats and each beat has a very comfortable fishing hut which has cold running water, cooking facilities and WC.


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